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Top 10 Most Beautiful Crater Lakes In The World

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Lake Taupo, New Zealand: Situated in the North Island of New Zealand. 

Heaven Lake, North Korea & China: A crater lake on the border between China and North Korea.

Crater Lake, Oregon, United States: This crater lake is actually called Crater Lake. 

Blue Lake, Australia: The Blue Lake in Mount Gambier, South Australia is a large monomictic lake located in an extinct volcanic maar associated with the Mount Gambier maar complex. 

Viti Geothermal Lake, Iceland: Located within a complex of nested calderas called Askja.

Mount Katmai Crater Lake, Alaska, United States: Mount Katmai is located within the Katmai National Park in Alaska.

Mount Ruapehu Crater Lake, New Zealand: Mount Ruapehu is an active stratovolcano located within Tongariro National Park in New Zealand’s north island. 

Quilotoa, Ecuador: A water-filled caldera in the Ecuadorian Andes.

Yak Loum Crater Lake, Cambodia: A lake and a popular tourist destination in the Ratanakiri province of northeastern Cambodia.

Lake Pinatubo, Philippines: Lake Pinatubo is the summit crater lake of Mount Pinatubo formed after its climactic eruption on June 15, 1991.

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