Top 10 Best Diet Foods for Weight Gaining

Oily Fish and Salmon: Are you looking for foods for increasing weight? If yes, then just use oily fish and salmon and put on mass easily.

Avocados: If you are in need of healthy fat foods for weight gaining then there is nothing better than Avocados.

Nuts butter: Nuts butter is best diet for weight gain purpose.

Cheese: Cheese is another great weight gaining foods ever you can add in your regular diet if you have skinny figure.

Whole Eggs: Eggs are well known for its high protein ingredients.

Starchy Foods: If you need foods that increase body weight then just try starchy foods and potatoes.

Red Meats: Fitness science says red meats are best diet foods for weight gaining of all time.

Rice: Rice is known as the staple food of India which is a low cost and high carbs food.

Dark Chocolate: If you never try Dark chocolate then just try it today.

Dried fruits: Dried fruits are delicious and most of the fitness experts recommend eating dry foods.

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