Top Best Planets in the Universe

Earth It's not only because we live on it -- But it's the only planet that we currently know to be suitable to host life.

Saturn It is nearby Jupiter, is the second-largest planet in the Solar System and is also known for its rings. It is in front of the ice giants.

Mars is one of the most bizarre planets out there. Unlike any other planet (Besides Earth), life can spring on Mars because of the frozen hydrogen/nitrogen.

Neptune is the farthest planet from the Sun in our galaxy, and it has rings. It's also blue the bee dee the bee the. But still, It's an interesting planet.

 Jupiter is one of the most curious planets, it's mysterious beauty radiating power and hostility.

Uranus was the best planet! The first planet that was discovered, and then ridiculed for it's name during it's whole existence.

Venus It is the hottest planet, with a temperature of 464 degrees Celsius and 867 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mercury it is made of rocks, has a solid surface, doesn't have rings, doesn't have many moons and is small. It is the smallest planet and the closest planet to the sun.

Eris Larger then Pluto and further out, this is Eris

Pluto One of the world's most known rock in space. While some may believe it is not a planet, we all know deep inside that Pluto is the best.

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