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Top 10 Most Bicycle Friendly Cities In The World

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Budapest: Budapest offers around 180 km (111 miles) of bicycle paths and many use these paths to cycle to work.

Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv is a fast growing bicycle city with over 100 km (62.1 mi) of cycling paths and a bicycle.

Paris: Paris offers more than 440 km (270 miles) of cycling routes as well as a system of rental bikes free service called Vélib’.

Beijing: Large numbers of cyclists can be seen on almost every road in Beijing.

Montreal: More than 350 km (217 miles) of bike paths are available in Montreal and its surroundings.

Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro has 160 km (99 mi) of bicycle paths that, most of which are alongside beaches and popular attractions.

Barcelona: In Barcelona you will also find bike paths wherever you go.

Berlin: In Berlin you will find over 620 km (390 mi) of bike paths.

Copenhagen: Copenhagen like Amsterdam is known world wide for being a bicycle-friendly city.

Amsterdam: The most bicycle-friendly city in the world without a doubt is Amsterdam.

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