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Top 10 Most Common Reasons Why Keto Diet Is Not For You

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Sleep deprivation: Interrupted sleep can also be a side effect of the keto diet.

High fat consumption: High fat consumption may lead to increase cholesterol and lipids level.

Ketosis may lead to low urine pH: which may result in the development of kidney stones and crystals. 

Due to the restrictions and transition: your body will adapt and lose numerous minerals such as magnesium, sodium, and even water.

Acidosis escalates: Acidosis escalates the risk of fracture and bone injury.

Another side effect: Another side effect of diet is hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

Constipation: Due to the extreme shift in diet and dehydration, constipation is a usual side effect during the start of your keto diet.

Women experience menstrual: Women experience menstrual cycle disruption, and in severe cases, absence of menstruation, also known as amenorrhea.

Flu-like symptoms: Flu-like symptoms will be experienced during the transition phase as your body switches its source of fuel.

Smelly breath: Keto diet can lead to smelly breath because acetone is considered one of the ketone bodies.

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