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Top 10 Countries with Most Natural Resources in the World

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Iran: Since Iran and Qatar are located in one region, they also share the richest gas field reserve.

Venezuela: The last is Venezuela, with an overall reserve of about 14.3 trillion dollars.

Iraq: The oil deposit in Iraq is its major resource like some Gulf states.

Saudi Arabia: Third on the list is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the heart and crown of the middle-east.

China: This country is deemed among the century’s rising superpower.

United States: Next in line is the world’s current superpower country, the United States.

Canada: The value of Canada’s natural reserves is about 33.2 trillion dollars.

Brazil: Brazil is among those countries that have a substantial proportion of Uranium and Gold reservoirs.

Australia: Australia is an independent state that acquires its wealth through its large timber, iron, copper, and coal reserves.

Russia: Russia was previously the superpower country in the world.

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