Top 10 Countries with Red White Blue Flags

Czech Republic:The Czech Republic, which was cut out of the Austro-Hungarian Republic after World World I, has changed its flag multiple times since 1918. 

Croatia: relief from Hungarian rule thrice, starting in 1848. Although they were not successful, it was the first time the movement hoisted a flag. It was a red, white, and blue flag.

Costa Rica: flag are two stripes of blue. They signify the sky and the openness and receptivity of its people. This vivid blue color marks Costa Rica as a land of opportunities and ideas. 

Laos:This flag has a dramatic interpretation. One blue stripe lies between two red stripes, signifying the blood shed by the people of Laos in their quest for freedom and liberation.

Slovakia:Slovakia’s flag features horizontal red, white and blue stripes. Russia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia share a common ancestry. 

France:The red, white, and blue colors on the French flag signify democracy, monarchy, religion, and nobility. After the French Revolution in 1794, the flag became a symbol of modernization, liberty.

New Zealand:flag is derived from its ancestry and its location, relative to the South Pacific Ocean. The country was once under Britain’s rule. They honor this association by placing Britain’s.

Nepal:Nepal’s flag is striking. Its jagged edge symbolizes the Himalayan mountains, as well as the two most prominent religions in the country: Hinduism and Buddhism. 

United States:six white stripes making this flag red white and blue flag. Red signifies the toughness that brought the Americans thus far while white represents the purity and innocence of its people

Iceland: is a visual representation of the unusual landscape the country offers. On Iceland’s flag, red depicts volcanic fires, blue depicts the mountains from which these volcanoes erupt.