Top 10 Countries With Stars On Their Flags

Marshall Islands:The star on the flag of the Marshall Islands is unique because it has the highest number of points of any star on a national flag. The star is a symbol of the archipelago .

China: flag is also called the “Five-star Red Flag” by many people. It is one of the most recognizable national symbols in the world, with an iconic design that includes 5 golden stars on a bright.

Cameroon: national flag features vertical stripes of yellow, red, and green colors. These colors are popular traditional Pan-African colors.The green band is a reference to the country’s lush forests

Brazil: flag has the second highest number of stars, with 26 stars. The easily recognizable flag has striking colors of green, gold, and blue. In addition to the color, the flag has a globe .

United States of America:The flag consists of 13 horizontal stripes of red and white and a blue canton on the side with 50 pointed white stars . The stripes represent the United States’ .

Nepal: national flag has a unique double-penon shape. It is the only flag in the world that is not quadrilateral. The flag has two distinct flags on a crimson red background. 

Azerbaijan:has three bands of blue, red, and green colors, as well as a crescent moon and a star at its center. The blue stripe is symbolic of the nation’s Turkic heritage.

Australia:There are six stars on the national flag of Australia, all on a blue background. Five of these stars are seven-sided, while one of them is six-sided. 

Israel: is one of the few in the world with a strong religious connotation. The most distinct feature of this flag is the blue hexagram star over a white background. It also has two blue horizontal.

Aruba: is one of the four countries that form the Kingdom of Netherlands. The country’s flag is the only one with a four-pointed star, which makes it unique. The red star is on a blue .

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