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Top 10 Most Dangerous Products Found in School

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Chemicals: Chemicals that include cleaning products, paint and fertilizer cause about 2,688 injuries each year.

Pencils and Pens: Don’t be surprised! Pencils and pens are indeed one of the most dangerous products found in schools.

Scissors: Scissors are the most common and one of the most dangerous products found in US schools.

Chairs and Couches: Chairs and couches accidents cause an average of 10,669 injuries. 

Stairs: No surprise, many experienced falling down the stairs not only in schools. Slipping down can bruise your ego and body.

Carpets: To lower the risk of tripping, slipping or falling, kids should follow the rules and be cautious when moving through schools. 

Doors: Doors at school cause an average of 13,402 accidents and injuries in US.

Bicycles: Using bicycles to go to school might be a good choice as this is environmentally friendly.

Playground Equipment: The top culprit of all is the playground equipment that causes an average of 60,008 injuries each year.

Fences: Some adventurous kids would try to climb fences at school. Its sharp and pointed edges can cause injuries. 

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