Top deal-breakers in a relationship to consider

They're selfish -
It’s natural to be a little selfish, especially when you’re single. But that doesn't work in a romantic relationship.

They're unreliable -
Reliability means being on time for dates and being there when needed, which is a crucial trait in a romantic relationship.

They have anger issues -
People with anger issues lash out and yell, even insulting you and hitting things. As soon as you notice major anger issues, it's time to hit the road.

You have to sacrifice your career - You should never have to sacrifice your professional goals for a relationship, unless you want to. The same goes if your partner expects you to move in with them.

They're financially irresponsible -
Different spending habits and savings are quite common. But the financially irresponsible will spend money without thinking about the future.

They're rude -
If your partner is rude, your relationship will suffer as they create embarrassing situations in public. You'll feel bad!

They're not ambitious -
If you're an ambitious go-getter, then being with someone who's not will drive you crazy. You can’t change someone like that, especially if they have been that way for years.

You don't agree from an ideological POV - Just like religion, politics can strain relationships if your ideological beliefs can't coexist.

They're super negative -
A pessimistic attitude and outlook in a romantic partner will affect you and bring you down. This can be toxic.

They show little or no interest in your life - If your partner doesn't support you or take a sincere interest in the things you're involved with, then this is definitely a deal-breaker.

They have a history of cheating -
If your partner is cheating on you, this indicates that your partner clearly has other interests that don't involve you. Move on!

They lack humor -
If your partner doesn’t have a sense of humor and can’t laugh at themselves sometimes, it will quickly dry up the relationship.

You're not your authentic self -
If you're faking interests, holding back your thoughts, and censoring yourself, then it's time to find a relationship where you can actually be your true self.

They're clingy -
It’s great to feel desired and needed, but when your romantic partner is overly clingy or needy, they drain your energy.

They abuse you -
Any sort of abuse is an automatic relationship deal-breaker. Whether this is physical, verbal, or emotional abuse, it should never be tolerated.

They're unwilling to communicate -
Someone with communication issues either chooses to argue or decides to clam up and avoid talking.

They don't compromise -
If your partner is unwilling to compromise early on in the relationship, then this may be a sign of their future unwillingness to compromise on bigger issues.

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