Top Five Most Dangerous Spiders In Nebraska

The Brown Recluse Spider: is primarily found in the southeastern regions of Nebraska. However due to its preference for cramped and dark locations it tends to end up in shipping containers.

The Dark Fishing Spider: are mottled shades of dark to medium grey with dark banded leg markings. Additionally, the species’ key identifying marking is the W-shaped markings on the abdomen.

Black Widow:are one of the most easily recognized species in North America. They are identified by their glossy black overall coloring and signature hourglass markings. 

The Woodlouse Hunting Spider: have six eyes instead of eight and have very large, disproportionate mouthparts. They have orangie-red legs and overall bodies, except for their yellowish-brown or grey.

The Tiger Wolf Spider: are larger than males, and are black overall with grey abdomens and striped, brown markings. Males are smaller, lighter in color, and can be yellow, light or dark brown overal.

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