Top 10 Most Futuristic Transportation Inventions

Honda U3-X: Yes, another unicycle, another cooool unicycle. 

Hendo Hoverboard: This is another “more on the recreational type” of transport technology.

Gyroscopic Transportation: Now this Futuristic Transportation Invention is just a concept at the moment with no concrete blueprints yet but not impossible to develop and definitely very nifty.

One Wheel: This one is not strictly for transportation but more for recreation. 

Ryno Micro-Cycle: Unicycle? Yes. Futuristic? Yes. Cool? Hell Yes. On full charge, the Ryno can travel 15 miles at a speed of 10 mph. 

Hyperloop: At its core, Hyperloop™ is a tube-based inter and intra-city transportation system for passengers and cargo. 

Urban Transport Pods: Already operational in some area like Masdar City and Heathrow Airport more and more places are planning to give this technology a try. 

SkyTran: Designed to beat the heavy traffic problem of Tel Aviv in mind, SkyTran will “run” (float) 20 feet.

Martin Jetpack: Remember Spy Kids? Yeah, a lot of those modern technologies they used on that family movie seems to be absurd but NOT THE JETPACK apparently.

Magnetic Levitation Train: Yes, a floating train that goes 374 mph max. This “MagLev” technology is already operational.