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Top 10 Most Incredible Animals Only Found In Africa

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Elephant Shrew: You can probably guess where this animal gets its name from.

African Civet: The African Civet is quite adorable in the photo below but chances are you will not see them roaming around in the evenings.

Galago: The galago has those big adorable eyes but their hands and feet are pretty human like.

Gerenuk: The neck of the gerenuk is very long and distinct and the two horns are very very sharp.

Shoebill: This animal’s name really doesn’t need any explanation but the look on it’s face is quite priceless. 

African Wild Dog: Interestingly enough, these guys on have four toes and some pretty big ears.

Guereza Colobus: This is one of the most interesting looking monkeys you’ll ever come across.

Grey-Crowned Crane: This is a slightly creepy yet beautiful animal.

Greater Kudu: The greater kudu is one of the most awesome jumpers and swift animals in Africa.

Okapi: The Okapi is exclusive to the rainforests of the Republic of Congo.

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