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Top 10 Most Interesting Safari Experiences in the World

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Botswana: The Kalahari Desert located in Botswana lends itself to a pretty interesting safari experience.

Kenya: Kenya is also home to a host of great safari tours such as the Masai Mara tour.

Brazil: Thanks to the brilliant Amazon Rainforest of Brazil.

Malawi: Malawi has ton to offer when it comes to the safari experiences.

Egypt: Egypt offers a pretty different safari experience.

India: From the Tibetan mountains featuring snow leopards and white tigers to the jungles of India that feature lions.

Tanzania: One of the most popular safari spots in Tanzania happens to be the Fundu Lagoon which is home to plenty of aquatic life.

Australia: To add a little diversity to the safari experience, we decided to check out what Australia had to offer in terms of safari experiences.

South Africa: While South Africa is known as one of the more developed countries in Africa.

Thailand: The Thailand safari experience is very much like that of the Indian one.

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