Top 10 Largest Dams Around the World that Should be Visited Once in a Lifetime

The Jinping: Controversy surrounds regarding the highest dam around the world. 

The Hirakud Dam: In 1957, Hirakud dam was built, which is 27 km long and is known as the longest dam around the world.

The Fort Peck Dam: The structural volume for this dam is 96 sq. km. 

The Gardiner Dam: The largest around the world when it comes to embankment. 

The Tarbela Dam: It’s the world’s largest dam based on its structural volume. 

The Atatürk Dam: Aside from being another largest dam around the world.

The Oahe Dam: Aside from being one of the largest dams around the world.

The Mangla Dam: This scenic Mangla dam is located in disputed place Kashmir valley, also called “Azad Kashmir”.

The Oroville Dam: Constructed in California across Feather river in 1968. 

The Houtribdijk: Constructed in 1968 alongside the Ijsselmeer and Lake Constance. 

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