Top 10 Most Amazing Attractions in Monaco

Napolean Museum: The Napolean Museum is housed in the Prince’s Palace of Monaco and contains some of the most historic.

Prince’s Palace of Monaco: There is no way you could visit Monaco and not stop off at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

Larvotta Beach: Larvotta Beach is popular spot for those looking to catch some sun. 

Opera de Monte-Carlo: The Opera de Monte-Carlo is the perfect place to catch a show. 

Oceanic Museum: The Oceanic Museum in Monaco houses some awesome species fish. 

French Riviera: The French Riviera has one of the most breathtaking views and the feeling of peace and tranquility is definitely there.

Monaco City: Monaco City pretty much has everything you could ever want. 

Rock of Monaco: The Rock of Monaco is an over 200-foot monolith rock and happens to be the oldest part of the city.

Monte Carlo Casino: You can always test your luck at the Monte-Carlo Casino.

Monaco Grand Prix: The Monaco Grand Prix features one of the most entertaining tracks in racing.