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Top 10 Most Amazing Sinkholes In The World

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Guatemala City 2007 sinkhole, Guatemala: On February 23, 2007, out of the clear blue sky, this sinkhole collapsed, forming a very large, deep circular hole with vertical walls and killing five people.

Great Blue Hole, Belize: The first sinkhole in the list, and by far the most amazing is the Great Blue Hole. It is a large submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize.

Guatemala City 2010 sinkhole, Guatemala: Just three years later, another giant sinkhole in Guatemala City swallowed a three-story factory and killed 15.

Xiaozhai Tiankeng (Heavenly Pit), China: The world’s largest sinkhole. It is 626 meters long, 537 meters wide, and between 511 to 662 meters deep, with vertical walls.

Dead Sea Sinkholes, Israel: Several large sinkholes have been appearing near Ein Gedi, Israel.

Dean’s Blue Hole, The Bahamas: The world’s deepest known blue hole (underwater sinkhole) with seawater.

Harwood Hole, New Zealand: Located in Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand.

Bahmah sinkhole, Oman: This sinkhole is located in Oman and is approximately 30 m (98 ft) deep.

The Devil’s toilet bowl (Devil’s Hole), Florida: A sinkhole near Hawthorne, Florida.

Sima Humboldt (Sima Major), Venezuela: An enormous sinkhole located on the summit of a plateau in Bolivar state, Venezuela.

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