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Top 10Most Amazing Swimming Pools on Earth

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Joule Hotel Pool: The lavish Joule Hotel is known for its unique endless 8ft.

The Tank: The Tank is a pool known for its contained three-story slide which transports its riders to the gigantic shark tank.

Six Senses Yao Noi Pool: The boutique resort of Six Senses is located in Thailand and is known for the absolute privacy.

Perivolas Hotel Infinity Pool: If you’re a sucker for breathtaking views, then this Perivolas Hotel, which is situated in Santorini, Greece, is the one for you.

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool: In Singapore, at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, an infinity pool can be found on the peak of the edge of the 57th floor at the hotel’s Sky Park.

Ubud Hanging Gardens Pools:  This breathtaking infinity pool made its place in the most spectacular swimming pools in the world.

San Alfonso del Mar: A 900 meters swimming pool in length obtains the Guinness Book of Records title as the enormous crystalline pool on earth.

Gellert Baths: Gellert Baths is one of the most well-known spas in Budapest.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Pool: Travelers don’t need to go through a difficult time just to enjoy the unique views of African Safari Lodge. 

Tropical Island Resort: Its immense pool named ‘Tropical Sea’ makes you feel like you are on a coral island.

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