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Top 10 Most Breathtaking Mountains In Chile

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Acotango: The Acotango mountain is the smallest member of the list standing 19,856 feet tall.

Incahuasi: The Incahausi happens to be the third volcanic mountain on out list so far.

Marmolejo: The Marmolejo mountain stands 20,039 feet tall and is smack dab in the middle of Chile and Argentina. 

Tupungato: Tupungato is yet another volcanic mountain in Chile. It is revered as one of the highest mountains in the Americas coming in at 21,555 feet tall.

Aucanquilcha: The Aucanquilcha mountain continues the pattern of volcanic mountains on the list and is located in Northern Chile.

Cerro El Muerto: The Cerro El Muerto mountain’s name translates to The Dead One Hill. 

Parinacota: The Parinacota mountain happens to be one of those that doubles as a volcano.

Ojos del Salado: The Ojos Del Salado has a pretty obvious translation to Salty Eyes in English.

Pomerape: The Pomerape mountain is a neighbor of the Parinacota mountain making it another volcanic addition to the list.

Llullaillaco: The Llullaillaco might be a mouthful to pronounce and the mountain itself is overwhelming as it stands an incredible 22,110 feet tall.

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