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Top 10 Most Dog-Friendly Places in the US

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Colorado Springs, Colorado: Colorado is a spacious place and an ideal destination for you and your dog.

West Hollywood, California: Welcome to one of the best dog-friendly places in California.

Phoenix, Arizona: Wandering with your dogs outside in the burning hot weather of Arizona might not be good.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: The hospitality in this city is also extended to the dogs in Minnesota.

Portland, Oregon: If your dog has a broad taste, then take him to the Portland of Oregon where a dog can have fun in bars.

Seattle, Washington: Seattle is another most dog-friendly city in the U.S.–the number of dogs which is greater than the statistics of children in this city.

Tampa, Florida: If you are a beach lover as well as your pet, then this place is surely for you.

Jersey City, New Jersey: You may be surprised that there is a specific place in New Jersey that is located near the Hudson River where your dogs can freely run and roam around.

Dallas, Texas: With the scorching heat of Texas, Dallas offers a variety of restaurants to combat this heat while having a date with your dog.

Arlington, Virginia: If you’re from Virginia, then this is definitely a good news for you as you can find around 8 dog parks alongside the dog-friendly cafes and restaurants.

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