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Top10 Most Epic Pokemon Go Locations In The World

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Central Park, New York City: Central Park, New York City was one of the biggest hotspots when the Pokemon Go app was launched.

Rome, Italy: There have been rumors of Charmanders roaming all around Rome imagine catching one at the Colosseum! How epic would that be.

Trinidad: Trinidad may be a small island but there is the potential to catch some big Pokemon.

West Haven, Connecticu: West Haven, Connecticut has been a hotspot for Pokemon Go fans in the North East. It’s great for catching both water-type.

London, England: London, England is one of the many places you can bump into the European exclusive Pokemon.

Milan, Italy: Along with Rome, Milan also seemed to be a hotspot for Charmander according to rumors from Pokemon players who traveled to one of the fashion capitals of the world.

Sydney, Australia: What’s so special about Sydney? Well, it happens to have its very own region exclusive Pokemon, Kangaskhan.

Santa Monica Pier, California: Santa Monica Pier may be one of the most raved about destinations for Pokemon Go players.

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida: Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is literally littered with Pokestops. 

Stonehenge, England: Whether it’s catching an Eevee or waiting for a rare spawn at Stonehenge in England.

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