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Top 10 Most Fragrant Flowers for Your Garden

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The Gardenia Flower: Gardenia is native to the tropical regions in South Asia, Africa, and Australia.

The Chocolate Cosmos Flower: The chocolate cosmos flower is a vanilla scent flower that is reddish brown in color.

The Frangipani Flower: Tropical blooming plant frangipani is native to Mexico, South America and the Caribbean and Pacific Island.

The Jasmine Flower: Another well-known flower that has a pleasant smell worlwide is the jasmine flower.

The Lily of The Valley Flower: Found widely in the Northern hemisphere particularly in Asia.

The Rose Flower: Without a doubt, roses are the most pleasant smelling type of flower worldwide.

The Sweet Alyssum Flower: This annual flowering plant is natively to the Mediterranean region, it has a tiny flower in dense clusters and it comes in yellowish and white colors.

The Sweet Pea Flower: Found in the Mediterranean region is the annual flowering plant called the sweet pea flower.

The Four O’ Clock Flower: This flower belongs to the group of mirabilis which grows across the whole word.

The Wisteria Flower: This climbing blooming plant grows primarily in the U.S, Japan China, and Korea.

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