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Top10 Most Gay Friendly Cities In The World

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Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona, much like Madrid, has great nightlife in general, and great gay nightlife in particular.

Berlin, Germany: Perhaps the gay capital of Europe, Berlin is known world wide as a gay friendly city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam is probably the most open minded city in Europe.

Madrid, Spain: Madrid is home to Chueca, part of the Justicia neighborhood.

Los Angeles, California, USA: Back to California, Los Angeles is another role model for tolerance.

London, England: London is home to the largest gay community in Europe.

 New York, USA: It is well known that the gay pride movement started in New York.

Paris, France: Paris is the city of fashion and fine things, so it’s no wonder it has a substantial gay community.

San Francisco, California, USA: California is the proud owner of two of the cities in this list, and San Francisco is the first of the two.

Tel Aviv, Israel: Right at the heart of the middle east, lies a city called Tel Aviv.

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