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Top10 Most Impressive Attractions in Jakarta

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Textile Museum: If you ever looked at an article of clothing that you own and it says made in Indonesia.

National Museum: If you really want to learn about the many cultures that influence Jakarta.

Grand Indonesia Mall: If you fancy shopping, you might want to venture out to the Grand Indonesia Mall.

National Monument: You really can’t miss the National Monument of Jakarta.

Jakarta Cathedral: The Jakarta Cathedral has some of the most incredible architecture in the city of Jakarta.

Pasar Baru: There is nothing better than checking out some of the awesome food that is offered at the Pasar Baru marketplace.

Ancol Dreamland: You really don’t have to say much about Ancol Dreamland.

Old Town: Old Town is full of Dutch architecture that was erected before Jakarta got it’s independence.

Ragunan Zoo: The intense reptile below is just one of the many animals that can be found at the Ragunan Zoon in Jakarta.

Sunda Kelapa Port: The Sunda Kelapa Port features some pretty historic ship, some of which are still operational.

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