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Top 10 Outdated Gadgets No One Uses Anymore

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Antique Mobile Phone: Today all of us have smartphones, but not too long ago, mobiles phones the Motorola flip phone.

Portable TV: Unlike other gadgets on this list, the portable TVs never really took off.

Discman: The portable CD player is commonly known as Discman, after the market name of Sony’s first portable CD player.

Game Boy: The Nintendo Game Boy entered our lives in 1989. 

Pager: A pager or a beeper is a small personal gadget that can receive text messages. 

film_camera: Before smartphones with cameras, and before digital cameras, we all had film cameras.

Electronic organizer: To be honest, for the last entry in this nostalgic list.

PDA: PDA stands for personal digital assistant, but this small bulky device was commonly known as a handheld PC.

Walkman: The personal stereo was introduced by Sony under the market name Walkman in 1979.

Calculator Watch: Who doesn’t need a hand watch that also has a calculator built into it.

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