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Top 10 Most Outstanding Inventions that Changed the World

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Antibiotics: The discovery of antibiotics caused a great impact in the world of medicine.

Compass: Despite the spark of new advanced technologies, compass.

Computer: With the evolution of semiconductors and electronics, the computer appeared.

Telephone: Invented by Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone is considered a major invention ever created that was incredibly useful at your household.

Electricity: One of the most important things we can’t live without today is electricity.

Paracas Sea Cliffs, Peru: Paracas National Reserve is a popular nature reserve and beach destination on the southern coast of Peru. 

Internet: The impact that the internet brought in our world is something that we can’t deny. 

Automobile: Nowadays, we barely see people walking whenever they go to their errands because almost everyone, if not all, use cars and other automobile vehicles.

Steam Engine: Unless the steam engine had not been developed, none of the modern modes of travel that you would see around you would ever be feasible.

Wheel: The invention with one of the most remarkable impacts in the past is the wheel.

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