Top 10 Most Photogenic Places On The West Coast

Cannon Beach, Oregon: The large rocky structures at Cannon Beach in Oregon, makes it an incredibly photogenic spot.

Baker Beach: Baker Beach in San Francisco looks beautiful no matter what.

Coyote Buttes: The incredible shapes and swirls that are found at the Coyote Buttes makes it easy to see why captivating photos are easy to capture.

Laguna Beach: Laguna Beach is quite possibly one of the most laid-back places to visit. 

Santa Monica: So much can be said of Santa Monica and the pier.

Mendocino: There is just something about tall mountainous structures and heavy waves that make for some awesome shots.

Gold Bluffs Beach: Gold Bluffs Beach has the perfect amount of a beach and countryside meshed together for an exemplary photographic exprience.

Pfeiffer Beach: Pfeiffer Beach has brilliant rocky structures and even on its darkest of days.

Zion National Park: Zion National Park in Utah is one of the most beautiful places in the Western half of the United States.

Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park: Glacier Point at Yosemite National Park is truly a wonder.