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Top 10 States With The Most National Parks In The United States

Heading 3

Heading 3

Utah – 5 national parks: There are five national parks in Utah, despite the fact that Utah is not even among the 10 largest states.

Colorado – 4 national parks: The state of Colorado has four national parks.

Florida – 3 national parks: Also with 3 national parks is Florida.

California – 8 national parks: Tied for first place, California (third largest state) also has 8 national parks

Arizona – 3 national parks: The State of Arizona has 3 national parks as well.

Montana – 2 national parks: There are two Montana national parks.

Washington – 3 national parks: There are three national parks in Washington.

Nevada – 2 national parks: There are two Nevada national parks.

Alaska – 8 national parks: The largest state in the US also has the most national parks (along with California).

Hawaii – 2 national parks: Hawaii has two national parks.

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