Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World 2023

Merdeka 118: The skyscraper Merdeka 118 in Kuala Lumpur heights around 2000 feet also known as KL 118, and Warisan Merdeka 118.

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre: Chow Tai Fook Financial Center in Tianjin is the next tallest to the Golden Finance 117 building in China.

Ping An International Finance Centre: Ping An International Finance Centre ranks on number 02nd in China’s tallest building list.

China Zun: The CITIC Tower has the name China Zun owing to its appearance of Chinese Zun. 

Burj Khalifa: The most adorable skyscraper Burj Khalifa stands first as the tallest building in the world.

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre: The Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre, otherwise known as East Tower, is the 8th tallest building in the world and the 3rd tallest building in China.

Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower: Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower is also known as the Clock Tower of Makkah.

Shanghai Tower: The 3rd place for the tallest buildings in the world goes to the Shanghai Tower of China.

One World Trade Center: One World Trade is the rebuilt tower of the World Trade Center of New York.

Lotte World Tower: Lotte World Tower of South Korea is the tallest building in the country and 6th in the world located in Seoul

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