Top Ten Most Needed School Supplies

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Pencil:  Most of my classes in middle school use pencil all the time I have never been in any of my classes without having to use a pencil even in P.E. or my outdoor class.

Notebook:  If you fail, you don't go to college. If you don't go to college, you're not smart. If you're not smart, you can't get a job. If you can't get a job, you won't have money.

Eraser: It supports both file and volume wiping. Eraser securely erases data by overwriting it such that the data is irrecoverable. 

Backpack: A backpack is VERY important because if you have to carry a whole bunch of textbooks home with your bare hands, you'll end up very tired. 

Paper: I have to survive plus I probably will get stranded on my bike if I get into an accident since my phone don't work and people are often jerks.

Pen: A pen is a long thin object which you use to write in ink. ... If someone pens a letter, article, or book, they write it.

Folder: Buy Files & Folders at low prices in India. Shop online for wide range of Files Folders from top brands on Snapdeal.

Highlighter: High liter are great. I use them for emphasis and just color coding homework titles. Then only cost about a dollar and y'all, they are.

Clorox Wipes: All - purpose wipe: these all-purpose disposable wipes remove common allergens germs and messes on surfaces like kitchen counters bathroom surfaces and more.

Calculator: You won't understand the beauty of these things until you reach middle school,These are just too useful in middle school.

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