Top Ten Ways to Get Ready for Exams

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Get lots of sleep: This is a very good idea. Don't stay up all night studying for a test, start studying it a couple of days before the exam instead of starting the night before. 

Study a healthy amount:  extend your studies at home months or weeks before the finals. At least an hour or two will help you extract the knowledge you need for the exam.

Eat a large, healthy breakfast: Cereal just won't cut it. You would need eggs, sausages, pancakes even for exam readiness. The food helps your brain function.

Have the right attitude: Exams are much easier when you feel like you will do well. Stay optimistic, no matter what, and be sure you will reach your goal.

Eat mints: Dark chocolate and mint chocolate also help. Dark chocolate reduces stress, so I often take it the night before.

Allow yourself some free time: Free time is just as important as homework and studying. Just don't have too much free time, and don't get carried away.

Ask for help: Asking for help will most likely get you the answer you are looking for,That's a pretty helpful method.

Study with a partner: If you are confused on something, your partner will probably know what it is. That and it's always good to be with friends.

Review your homework: Surprised this wasn't on the list. It's one of the most important if you want to score high in your exams. Review & revise.

Do homework: When you do your homework, you can easily study without any problem,Homework is important for grades, and it will help get practice in.

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