Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

Heading 1

Someone shooting the school: That's how much I would do if that happened to my school( which will never happen cause I live on a army base.

No summer vacation: I heard some people talking on the radio about year-round schooling. First of all I think it is a TERRIBLE idea.

Bullies taking over the school: I would hate it so much! In fact, I already do. I'm trying so hard to ignore all of that and improve my grades.

Justin Bieber visits and sings: If we hate him, we shouldn't bother about him. Think about it. We stop talking about him, he becomes less popular.

School is mandated every day of the year, even holidays: If this happened at my school, I would go to a different school because that would be literal torture. 

Fire: Thatd be awesome. I'm actually hoping one will start in my school over the weekend. Thatd be awesome. No school for at least a few days before they relocate us.

An earthquake: there were pillows underneath every chair so in earthquakes they could easily hide. But living in NYC, an earthquake would;t be a big deal because an earthquake would be tiny.

Walk into a classroom where 2 teachers are having sex: The solution for this is simple. Just call everyone in! The teachers will get fired for sure. Ha, ha.

An announcement of longer school years: Its been on the news, that schools will be kept open for one hour longer. I vote that only the thick kids should stay at school longer.

You are forced to watch baby shows: The girls kept talking because they hate Barney like I did but they teacher never made them do math problems.

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