Top Ten Worst Type of People On the Internet

Heading 1

Pedophiles: Creeps trying to sexually harass kids?! I mean sure, the fantards, trolls, and grammer natzis are annoying but pedophiles are ILLEGAL.

Doxxers: Doxing or doxxing is the act of publicly providing personally identifiable information about an individual or organization, usually via the internet.

Trolls: They don't stop and spam forms so that everything good is hard to find and some people and places refuse to clean it up.

Hackers: Hackers are the worst, I remember when someone hacked my friends facebook and unfriended everyone including me and added someone from russia.

Cyber Bullies: They don't exist, so you can't put non existent things on a list of worst things, kinda like putting The Emoji Movie 4: Pubg attack on a list of Worst films.

Fantards: But seriously you're allowed to like the show, I can admit it's pretty decent. But don't go around shoving it down other people's throats.

Grammar Nazis: I think this really depends. If a sentence is ambiguous or vague then it makes sense to correct them, but most people don't do it for the sake of correcting their sentences.

Social Justice Warrior (SJW): Constantly complaining about how everyone in the comment section is a horrible person for not agreeing with them.

Homophobes: These people can't move along with time, and use their pathetic story book (aka 'Bible') to justify their bigotry.

Haters: You can criticize, but people can hate thing TOO much. An eleven ear old nearly killed himself for being bullied for liking mlp, and on a website, people LAUGHED about it.

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