Top tips to improve the air quality in your city

The problem statement: In this day and age, it is no great secret that air pollution is bad.

Air pollution and human health: Let’s start by looking at how air pollution is harmful to human health.

Short- and long-term effects: Indeed, short-term exposure to air pollution can cause coughing, dizziness, and fatigue.

Plants and animals: But air pollution is not only harmful to human life; it is also bad for plants and animals. 

Acid rain: The pollution of air by burning fossil fuels can also cause acid rain, which in turn damages the leaves of vegetation.

Acid rain and property damage: Buildings and other structures are also affected by acid rain.

Reduced sunlight: The presence of particulate matter in the air also reduces the amount of sunlight that reaches the earth. 

Less photosynthesis: When there is less sunlight available, plants are less able to photosynthesize, meaning that crops are less productive.

What to do about it: There's still hope! For each of the ways that air pollution causes harm.

Shop local: Many of the tips for reducing air pollution involve changing the way we travel. 

Shop local: Travel to shops in your local area by walking or cycling, and if you need to go further consider using public transport.

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