Top tips to improve your concentration

Meditation - Learn to meditate. This is a very powerful tool that can be employed to banish stress and increase your concentration power. 

Drink plenty of water - Always have a glass of water handy. Dehydration lowers concentration.

Organize your mind - Avoid feeling scatterbrained by organizing your mind before you go to work. Make a list of things to do and prioritize them.

Make "To Do" lists - Try and meet deadlines early on in the day. Leave the more menial tasks for your mental low points, for example straight after lunch.

One thing at a time - Avoid multitasking, even if it's supposed to be a measure of your skills and abilities. Multitasking doesn't let you focus on the more important task at hand.

Eliminate distractions - The less distracted you are the more focused you become. Switch the phone to silent mode, and avoid checking emails, Facebook, or Twitter too regularly.

Take a break - There's nothing wrong with taking a short break now and again. If you are able to go outside, enjoy a brief stroll and gather your thoughts. 

Select your environment - Indeed, a natural environment relieves a cluttered mind, so try and recreate this quality where you work.

Clean and tidy workspace - A calm, naturally lit workspace embellished with plenty of greenery will invoke a sense of tranquility.

Manage requirements in advance - Keep all you need within easy reach, things like (healthy) snacks, a water bottle, and, if necessary, your reading or prescription glasses.

Diet and excercise - It goes without saying that eating healthily and exercising regularly boosts both mind and body.

Teach yourself perseverance - If a job appears menial or repetitive it's very easy to lose focus and, ultimately, interest. Learn to persevere with even the most mechanical of tasks.

Burning candle meditation - Candle light mediation is one form of meditation that can help banish internal patterns of worry and encourage the mind to refocus itself.

Play chess - Studies show that chess helps players increase their concentration levels and memory power. It also encourages logical thinking.

Do a crossword puzzle - Besides increasing vocabulary, doing a crossword puzzle can enhance powers of concentration and observation.

Learn to play a musical instrument - Learning to play a musical instrument is an equally rewarding pastime.

Live in the moment - Adopting a positive outlook on life in general stimulates both mind and body. Concentrate on being happy!

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