Top 10 Totally Spooky Halloween Food Ideas To Try

Angry Apples: If you’re looking to hand out some healthier trick or treat goodies.

Goulish bananas: Possibly one of the easiest spooky treats and Halloween food ideas to make.

Cannibal cookies: Now, I’m a total cheat with these Halloween food ideas.

Gravestone Brownies: Another easy cheat of a pudding to make, grab yourself some brownies.

Monster Burgers: First off, buy some good quality burgers (beef, turkey, vegetarian – whatever floats your boat).

Spider Muffins: Another easy treat that can literally take seconds.

Petrified Pizza: Another one of the quick Halloween food ideas is a petrified pizza.

Cheesy Witches Brooms: Another easy treat to make. Grab yourself some sliced Edam cheese from the Cheese Monger or Supermarket.

Mummified Sausage Rolls: Possibly one of my favourites to make, these will take a little more preparation.

Scary Sushi: First off, grab yourself some white rice, wasabi, fresh salmon (or smoked) and a few pieces of seaweed paper.

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