Top 10 Disney Characters that Deserve More Attention

Top 10 Most Badass Female Movie Characters

Br'er Rabbit: Br'er Rabbit, also spelled Bre'r Rabbit or Brer Rabbit or Bruh Rabbit, is a central figure as Uncle Remus tells stories of the Southern United States.

Donald Duck: Donald Duck is a cartoon character created in 1934 at Walt Disney Productions.

Br'er Fox: Br'er Fox is the primary antagonist in the animated sequences of the 1946 feature film Song of the South.

Daisy Duck: Daisy Duck is a cartoon character created in 1940 by Walt Disney Productions as the girlfriend of Donald Duck.

Minnie Mouse: Minerva "Minnie" Mouse is a cartoon character created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. She was first drawn by Iwerks in 1928, 

Mickey Mouse: Mickey Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character and the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company.

Sid Phillips: Sid Phillips is a fictional character in the Toy Story franchise. He serves as the primary antagonist of the original Toy Story film.

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Gadget Hackwrench: Gadget is a fictional character from the animated Disney cartoon series Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers as the sole female member of the Rescue Rangers.

Duke of Weselton: The Duke of Weselton is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 2013 animated feature film Frozen. 

Lightning McQueen: Lightning McQueen, typically referred to by his surname McQueen, is a anthropomorphic stock car in the animated Pixar film Cars, and TV shorts known as Cars Toons.

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