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Top10 Fascinating Microclimates From Around The World

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Casablanca, Morocco: Casablanca in Morocco is situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Calgary, Canada: Calgary is known for its microclimates and the noticeable weather differences.

San Francisco, California: San Francisco is known for its many microclimates created by city’s varied topography.

Santiago, Chile: The variation in climate within Santiago doesn’t influence only the temperature.

Saint Helena island, United Kingdom:  Saint Helena is one of the most remote islands on earth.

Amman, Jordan:  Amman has extreme microclimates, with a different weather in almost every neighborhood. 

Seville, Spain: The coastal areas in Andalusia, Spain typically average around at 30 °C (86 °F) in summer.

Costa Rica: Despite being small in area (Costa Rica is only the 128th country in the world by size), Costa Rica has 12 different microclimates.

Sydney, Australia:  During the summers, there’s a climate difference between the coast area of Sydney and the inland suburbs.

Leeds, United Kingdom:  Leeds is among the driest cities in the UK, and like other cities.

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