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Top10 Most Amazing Halloween Towns In America

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New York, NY: New York is full of Halloween festivals and parades such as The Village Halloween parade.

Orlando, FL:  Not to mention the Halloween attractions at Universal Studios.

Sleepy Hollow, NY: What better town to enjoy a party than Sleepy Hollow, NY.

New Orleans, LA: New Orleans is honestly one of the greatest cities to spend Halloween in.

Louisville, KY: The Louisville Zoo Party tradition is pretty awesome especially for adults who have kids and are dying for an awesome experience.

Anoka, Minnesota: The Main Street section of Anoka, Minnesota is one of the self-proclaimed “Halloween Capitals of the World.

Houston, TX: In Houston, you can participate in the Day of the Dead festival which has it’s roots in Mexico.

West Hollywood, CA: CA gives you the chance to maybe run into a few celebrities as you enjoy festivities such as the Halloween Carnaval.

Salem, MA: Salem, MA remains second-to-none when it comes to Halloween.

Plano, TX: The Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano, TX is enough to scare the crap out of you and show you a good time.

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