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Top10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

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Bolivia’s Road of Death: It was previously declared as the world’s most dangerous road by the inter-American Development Bank.

Widow-maker in the United Kingdom: From 2006-2008, there are 34 serious or fatal accidents.

Traveling route from Jalalabad to Kabul, Afghanistan: However, traveling this 65-kilometer highway in Jalalabad to Kabul justifies the real meaning of it snaking across the Taliban territory.

Guoliang Tunnel of Taihang mountains in China: This Guoliang Tunnel Located in Henan Province, China is terrifying for the drivers nowadays.

Italy’s Stelvio Pass: There are several roads that appear more dangerous than how they actually are.

Karakoram Highway in Pakistan: This highway connects Pakistan and China at Khunjerab Pass with 4,693 meters high.

India’s Zoji La Pass: Located in between the Ladakh and Kashmir is Zoji La Pass, a mountain route that looks like a dusty roadway through Western Himalayas.

Los Caracoles Pass in Chile: The steep, dizzying curves winding through the Andes amidst Uspallata, Argentina and in Los Andes, Chile.

Coast route in Croatia: This country has average yearly traffic accidents of 11,650.

Iraq’s Highway of Death: A U.S Aircraft bombed the Iraqi trucks and tanks along highway 80 coming from Kuwait City towards Basra.

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