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Top10 Most Important Benefits of Vacation

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It makes you happier and less burned out: Everyone, consciously or subconsciously like the feeling of freedom.

It gives you a new and better perspective: You can either go mountain climbing, camping, partying in a foreign place or just chill on the beach.

It lets you bond with your loved ones: Most of the time, too much work means less quality time with your family.

It relieves stress: There are many types of stress. There’s psychological, emotional, physical and even occupatio.

Vacation minimize the risk of heart disease: Studies show that heart disease can also be caused by stress. Hence, by reducing your stress you also reduce the risk of heart disease.

Vacation helps prevents illnesses in general: There is a research called psychoneuroimmunology and it proved that stress can cause a poor immune system.

It increases testosterone level: Also due to stress, people with “all work and no play” attitude so to speak has lower libido hence he also loose physical desire for sex.

It helps increase productivity: People who do nothing but work, especially those who have a very boring daily routine tend to be exhausted.

Vacation promotes better sleep: A survey said that people tend to get an hour more sleep when they are on vacation.

Vacation helps you keep your focus: Vacation provides you with the time to refresh and recharge your brain cells.

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