Top 10 Most Pointless Nintendo Characters

Baby Daisy: Baby Daisy is the infant version of the major character in the Mario Bros . 

Magikarp: Magikarp, known in Japan as Koiking, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. 

Baby Rosalina: Baby Rosalina is an infant version of the major character from the Mario Bros . 

King Boo: King Boo is the leader of all the Boos, and the main antagonist in both Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Mr. Game & Watch: Mr. Game & Watch is a 2D generic stick figure-styled silhouette character, created by Nintendo and an amalgamation of the Game & Watch handheld consoles.

Dry Bowser: Dry Bowser is the fossilized version of the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. 

Pichu: Pichu is an Electric type Baby Pokémon introduced in Gen. 

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Pink Gold Peach: Pink Gold Peach is a character who debuts in Mario Kart 8, where she appears as an unlockable playable character.

Slippy Toad: Slippy Toad is a player character in the Star Fox series of video games published by Nintendo.

Waluigi: Waluigi is a lanky self-centered, brusque young lad as he is considered evil and the main rival of Luigi.

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