Top10 wettest states in us

Hawaii : has the wettest climate in the US, with a mean annual precipitation of 63.70 inches. Hawaii is a group of islands in the central Pacific Ocean part of the Polynesia region. 

Alabama:ranks as the country’s fourth wettest state, with an annual precipitation average of 56 inches. Droughts are uncommon in Alabama because rainfall is widely spread across the year. 

Georgia:has a humid subtropical climate with short, warm winters and long, scorching summers. It is also the biggest state east of the Mississippi River. 

Louisiana: like neighboring Mississippi, is located in the Deep South of the country and has a humid subtropical climate. It receives roughly 60 inches of precipitation each year.

Tennessee: is the sixth wettest in the United States. Tennessee ranks high on the list, with an average yearly rainfall of 51.6 inches and an average monthly rainfall of 4.1 inches.

North Carolina:varies from moderate continental temperatures in the mountains, with cooler summers and more rainfall, to subtropical temperatures in the state’s southeastern portion.

Mississippi: The third wettest state in the United States receives an average of 57 inches of rain every year, spread out over 100 days.

South Carolina: receives an average of 48 inches of rain per year, which is quite more than the national average of 38 inches. On average, the state receives precipitation 103 days a year.

Arkansas:has a subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and warm to chilly winters. The state receives 49.6 inches of annual rainfall on average, with the southeast region and the Ozark.

Florida:is also the country’s fifth rainiest, with an average annual rainfall of 53.7 inches, with more precipitation occurring from June through September.

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