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Top 10 Yummy Foods to Boost your Mood

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BANANAS: When we are stressed, the potassium decreases in our body. One way to increase it is by eating a banana, an excellent source of potassium.

DARK CHOCOLATE: No doubt chocolate is everyone’s favorite because it gives you positive an aura.

ASPARAGUS: Because of its high level of Tryptophan, asparagus helps the body to increase the production of Serotonin.

MUSSELS: Mussel is very rich in Vitamin B12 which cushions the brain. It serves as a firewall to protect the brain that lasts for long.

YOGURT: Yogurt, a dairy product, is definitely a healthy food. Some yogurts have the higher level of calcium as compared to some milk.

OATS: Eat oatmeal during breakfast for you to stay energetic all-day long. Oats reduces the risk of heart disease and can help regulate your glucose level.

OYSTERS: The first thing that comes to our mind when we say oyster is “an aphrodisiac”, right? However, consumption of oyster helps also in brain function

TURKEY: Did you know that turkey is forever? It’s not only during special occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

SPINACH: Spinach is good for you. No wonder for it has a high amount of Vitamin B which is good for your skin and nerves.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS: Sunflower seeds are best for your brain and heart. It has Omega-3 that helps your brain function appropriately and prevents heart disease.

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