Top 8 Most Expensive Telescopes Ever Sold

Astron SCIENTIFIC T21 Hermes Traveler Astroimaging & Viewing Optical Tube Assembly:  a huge name, fit for an expensive, multi-purpose imaging device.

Meade 16” LX600 ACF Telescope with StarLock:  telescope is among the most expensive telescopes that money can buy.

PlaneWave 1 Meter Observatory Telescope: is the most expensive telescope that money can buy. The full system weighs 2,600 pounds and has a focal length of 6000mm.

DayStar Filters SolaREDi H-Alpha Solar Telescope: is the most expensive solar telescope that you can buy. It retails on B&H Photo Video for $35,990. 

Atacama Large Millimeter Array:  includes 66 radio telescopes capable of observing electromagnetic radiation.

European Extremely Large Telescope:  is a part of the European Southern Observatory and has yet to be completed.

James Webb Telescope:  Stealing the top spot from Hubble’s long-standing record is this new telescope which launched less.

Hubble Space Telescope: was launched in April of 1990 and entered service on May 20 of the same year.

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