Tracksuit glamour celebs who love casual wear

Eddie Murphy - The actor poses for the photo while out buying a hot drink.

Tyrese Gibson - The actor and singer walks trough Los Angeles airport in a tracksuit.

Paris Hilton - The model and socialite also likes a comfortable tracksuit.

Bella Hadid - The model is always at the cutting edge of the latest trends, as we can see from the tracksuit she's wearing.

Elton John - The famous British singer is known for his extravagant costumes, but on this occasion he chose a comfy tracksuit instead.

Sofia Richie - The young American model wears a classic Adidas model.

Vanessa Hudgens - The American actress enjoys a moment of down time in her tracksuit.

Rita ora - Rita Ora is often spotted at airports wearing tracksuits.

Cara Delevingne - The model and actress wears a stylish velvet tracksuit.

Brie Larson - The actress is spotted wearing a tracksuit while leaving Los Angeles airport.

Vanessa Hudgens - The actress is also a fan of Adidas tracksuits.

Chloe Grace Moretz - The young actress is spotted in a tracksuit while strolling around Los Angeles.

Diane Kruger - The German actress goes for a walk in some comfortable casual wear.

Jennifer Lopez - The singer and actress works out in a tracksuit.

Mary J. Blige - The singer at Los Angeles airport wearing a classic Adidas tracksuit.

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