Travel destinations for a low-cost vacation

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Thailand:It is difficult not to fall in love with this country. Apart from its chaotic capital Bangkok, it has the calm beaches of Phuket, Phi Phi or Koh Samui. 

Nepal:Nepal is one of the best Asian countries to visit with a low budget. Its currency, the Nepalese Rupee, is quite devalued in comparison with the dollar or euro. 

Turkey:Turkey, mixing Asian and European sensations, is no longer one of the cheapest destinations for travellers. But while it's getting closer and closer to the European standard.

Romania: Romania is a country of legend, history, and fascinating traditions. Places like Sinaia, an idyllic mountain villiage with one of the most beauftiful castles in the world, will enchant you.

Ecuador:Ecuador is one of the cheapest countries in South America when it comes to food, transportation, and lodging. Its official currency is the US dollar. 

Moldova:If you decide to visit Moldova, you should take the opportunity to travel to Transsylvania. The budget for a hotel, food and transport will be about 20 to 25 dollars per day.

Mozambique: Mozambique, a country in Southeast Africa, is a tourist magnet because of its low prices and spectacular natural areas and beaches.

Albania:Albania is a relatively unknown country that offers a lot to the tourist at a very good price. For example, a shared room with breakfast included may cost about 20-25 dollars for two people.

Estonia:Estonia is a beautiful country where you will not run out of money. To get advantageous rates in its capital Tallinn, you will have to move  away from the city centre. 

Poland:Poland is also among Europe's cheapest international destinations. Completely destroyed after the war, Warsaw was able to rise from the ashes while respecting its original appearance. 

Indonesia: One of the top destinations in this list must be Indonesia, with Bali as the main tourist attraction. There are lots of islands to visit every day. 

Armenia:If you decide to go to Armenia, book a long holiday because this destination is very affordable. A luxury apartment in Yerevan, its capital, can cost you about 250 US dollars a month. 

Lithuania: Among the Baltic countries in the northwest of Europe, Lithuania is the cheapest holiday destination. Restaurants, hotels, food, and transport have lower prices .

Las Vegas:And finally, though it may surprise you, Las Vegas can actually be a low-budget destination. Forget about gambling and enjoy the great deals that casinos .

Cambodia:Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in continental Southeast Asia. Transportation can sometimes be difficult, for you as an outsider as well as for the locals. 

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