Tune into New York's Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall construction: Radio City Music Hall under construction on a plot of land.

Interior design: The hall was designed by architect Edward Durell Stone.

Name change: A name change led to the theater being called Radio City Music Hall.

Opening night: Over 6,000 guests were invited to attend the opening night.

Celebrity guests: A guest of honor was billionaire philanthropist John D. Rockefeller.

Walter P. Chrysler: Industrialist and automotive pioneer Walter P. Chrysler.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney: Businessman and financier Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney.

Opening night show: Guests are photographed settled in their seats in the capacity-filled theater.

Showtime: The production included appearances by big-name entertainers of the era.

The Rockettes: The dance troupe most closely associated with Radio City Music Hall is the Rockettes.

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