Unbelievable excuses people have used to miss work

I have no clean clothes: This really isn't an excuse if you're an adult and you do your own laundry.

"It's too cold: Okay, could we all use this one once in a while? Surely, many of us have felt like it's too cold to leave the house.

"A cow broke into my house: As they do... Now you can't go to work because you're waiting for your insurance contact.

I accidentally got on a plane: This one is just brilliant. We wonder what else you can accidentally do.

"My mother was attacked by a a chicken: The dangers of country living are real. Luckily, you came to her rescue.

"I woke up at this place and I don't know where I am: Sure these things can happen. When you're not working the next day, at least.

I thought it was Saturday today: We've all had that feeling at least once in our lives, but then the alarm goes off, and we get up to go to work.

My girlfriend threw all my stuff in the dumpster: She found out you were cheating and threw all your stuff away, just like in the movies.

I poked myself in the eye while combing my hair: How tangled was your hair, and how much force did you apply to your hairbrush that it ended up hitting your eye in a way.

I injured my little toe: How can one possibly work with a an injury as serious as this one.

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