Unbelievable facts about Pablo Escobar

Before he became a drug lord - The story goes that Escobar's criminal career started with forging college diplomas, stealing cars, and other petty crimes.

Forbes World's Billionaires List - He made the Forbes' list of international billionaires for seven years in a row, from 1987 to 1993.

He had an impressive fleet - Escobar's cartel is said to have owned a number of aircraft, helicopters, boats, cars, and even submarines.

"La Catedral" - He was still able to receive visitors and run his business from La Catedral.

“Plata o Plomo” (Silver or Lead) - It's said that those who did not accept his bribes (silver) would often ended up receiving lead (bullets).

He spent a small fortune on rubber bands - The story goes that Pablo Escobar's cartel spent an estimated US$2,500 every month.

He once burned US$2 million to keep his daughter warm - The King of Cocaine" started a fire with cash because his daughter was showing signs of hypothermia.

He was making almost US$22 billion a year - In the mid-80s, the Medellín cartel was making an estimated US$420 million a week.

He had his own private zoo - Escobar had numerous animals in there, including four hippos he flew from a zoo in California.

He smuggled tons of cocaine every single day - It's said that the cartel smuggled about 15 tons of cocaine into the US every day.

He blew up a plane - Escobar's cartel was reportedly responsible for the bombing of Avianca Flight 203 on November 27, 1989.

Death - "El Patron" died on December 2, 1993, victim of a gunshot wound to the head. It has been speculated that he killed himself.

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